Sunday, May 21, 2017

Earth to The Japan Times

Earth to The Japan Times

Please stop getting your information about President Trump from the fake news in the USA. 
Trump has not lost any support from those among us who voted for me.  We are aware of an attempt coup (coup d’etat) taking place by the fake news media, the Democratic Party, academia, and the pervert thespians in Hollywood.  

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Moon Over Korea

The Moon Over Korea

The newly elected leader of South Korea, Moon Jae-in (Mooning Moon), has established himself as an irritant to both the USA and Japan. 

The mobs in the South Korean streets went to vote electing Mooning Moon to be their next president.  The previous one, President Park Geun-hye met the faith of many previous South Korean presidents, she was disposed of.  Others who held that office in country were either, assassinated, committed suicide, thrown into jail, or disposed of.  Thank God Parks faith was only to be disposed of. 

This Mooning Moon fella stated he would like to meet directly with North Korea’s lunatic dictator Kim Jong-unnecessary (Kim Jong-un) over their nuclear development issue.  Analysts have suggested such a meeting to hinder the efforts by Japan, the USA, and once South Korea to neutralize North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.       

Adding to the turmoil the United Nations Committee Against Torture has claimed that the Japanese did not compensate enough money during the last Comfort Women agreement between Prime Minister Abe of Japan and President Park of South Korea. 

On this UN committee sits China, Communist Chin, Red China.  The very same Chinese government that tortures Tibetans in Tibet, harvesting organs from live bodies.  The very same Chinese government that tortures Uyghurs (Uighur) in Xinjiang (East Turkistan) harvesting organs from live bodies.  How in the world are these monsters literally with blood on their hands going to admonish Japan for something that happened over seventy-two years ago while the blood is running today in Tibet and East Turkistan (Xinjiang)?     

Corresponding with this insane UN pronouncement Mooning Moon stated he did not like the Comfort Women agreement made between Abe and Park.  Mooning Moon visited the Comfort Women statue hunk of junk standing across the street from either the Japanese Consulate in Busan or the one across from the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.  Both of which are in direct violation of the United Nations Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations, Article 22, Paragraph 2.

If the South Korean Mooning President ignores a United Nations Convention, the Prime Minister Abe is best advised to ignore the latest pronouncement from the blood stained UN Committee Against Torture.

North Korea has “Dear Leader,” and now South Korea has their very own “Dear Stupid” with Mooning Moon.    

PDF of the United Nations Convention of Diplomatic Relations (see Article 22, paragraph 2 on page 7):

UN pronouncement on the Park / Abe Comfort Women agreement:

Mooning Moon’s Comfort Women agreement distortion:

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Paul Watson verbal attack upon a 16-year old

Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd has this post on Facebook about a 16-year old Native American boy living in Alaska who recently harvested a whale:

Here is a link to the article about the young man’s whaling accomplishment:

Here is the link to Watson’s rant if it is not blocked are still there:

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sean Spicer and Nazi or Syrian Gas

Link to above video:

Sean Spicer and Nazi or Syrian Gas

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer equated Bashar al-Assad use of chemical weapons on civilians to Hitler’s used of gas.  The news media went into attack mode berating Mr. Spicer for referencing Adolph Hitler and/or the Nazis.

Subsequently Mr. Spicer apologized.  Why?  Both Assad and Hitler gassed civilians.  Hitler used Zyklon B on civilians and Assad used Sarin on civilians.  Both are monsters and deserved to be equated with one another.    

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Sea Shepherd's Traveling Minion

Sea Shepherd's Traveling Minion


Last year in the Faroe Islands an historic wall was left with graffiti desecrating the site.  The graffiti read, “Warning Killer Nation.”  This was in reference to the whaling activity that takes place in their fjords.  It is called the “Grind.”  It is easy to suspect Sea Shepherd of this act of vandalism, however Sea Shepherd has not returned to the Faroe Islands since series of laws were passed basically banning the cult group.  This activity fits their modus operandi since their cult leader boast they are not a protest group but a direct action group.

Perhaps it was done by one of their minions and/or supporters.  Desecrating historic sites is not beyond this cult group’s behavior.  A few years back Flea Face and his daughter along with the Cove Coward Guardians (Cove Guardians) of Sea Shepherd were in Taiji, Japan.  Flea Face’s daughter with a few others went to a Japanese holy site and proceeded to desecrate the artifacts.   

In 2012 the Cove Coward Guardians in Taiji again desecrated a statue there.  It was a statue of a man holding up a whaling spear.  One of the Cove Coward Guardians decided to dangle himself from the spear, causing it to bend downwards.  An act of vandalism, unintentional, however still an act of vandalism.  His parents had to pay for repairs to the statue then he was deported.   

Two years leader this same person arrives in the Faroe Islands with a Sea Shepherd crew, thus labeling him a “traveling minion.” 

Sea Shepherd’s  record:
Whales saved – 0
Dolphins saved – 0
Vandalism – too many to count.

With zero success hopefully their emotional wreck supporters continue to send them money allowing material for future videos as this one.  Thanks!     

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sea Shepherd a salute from Japan?

Sea Shepherd a salute from Japan?

Sea Shepherd Australia announced they located the Japanese whaling factory ship in the Southern Ocean with a dead whale on deck.  So what did Sea Shepherd do upon locating the Japanese whaling fleet?  Did they attempt to interrupt the whaling?  Nope, not at all.  Instead upon locating the Japanese whaling fleet Sea Shepherd sailed immediately back to the safety of Australia.

Huh?  What happened?  What scared the cowards of Sea Shepherd to run (sail) in fear?  The cult group kept bragging they have a new fourteen million dollar vessel faster than any of the Japanese ships.  Was that speed needed to sail back to Australia? 

According to The Guardian the Japanese whaling fleet had Japanese patrol ships with them.  That is what caused these brave defenders of the seas, Sea Shepherd to sail in fear to Australia with their tail between their soiled legs. 

Best part:  Sea Shepherd is claiming success this whaling season.  Yep, success in the Southern Ocean however their real success was avoiding the Japanese patrol ships.  The cult group sites statistics from whaling seasons some years ago.  A perceived success a few years ago equals success this whaling season according to these cultists.  What are they smoking?

Once back in the safety of Australia they then demanded Australia send a government vessel to stop the Japanese.  Did the cult group’s minions donate money to the Australian government or to Sea Shepherd to stop the whalers?  Then Sea Shepherd placed a further plea for donations.  Donations for what?  To run from the Japanese?  Once again another Sea Shepherd failure.  They have not saved one whale this whaling season.  While Sea Shepherd was sitting in port in safety in Australia, the Japanese were busy attaining their whaling quota without any interference.  Ha ha ha ha.

While at the same time Sea Shepherd’s Cove Coward Guardians (Cove Guardians) are in Taiji, Japan documenting for the world the dolphin activity happening in that picturesque hamlet.  How many dolphins have they saved?  Zero.  How many dolphins have they saved all these past seven years of “documenting for the world” the horrors that take place in Taiji, Japan?  Zero.  Complete failures.

Why is it they do not take “direct action” to free the dolphins?  Remember their cult leader, criminal cosplay Paul Watson claims they are a “direct action” group.  The Cove Coward Guardians claim if they did anything to free the dolphins they would be deported.  Then no one would be there to “document for the world” what is taking place there.  Really?

First:  There is the Dolphin Project there “documenting for the world.”

Second:  There were six Cove Coward Guardians in Taiji.  If one made an attempt to free the dolphins only that one person would be deported leaving the remaining five to “document for the world.”

Third:  Sea Shepherd needs those dolphins to be captured for their dramatic live-streaming with heart wrenching commentary to incite their suckers to donate money.  It is all about money for this cult group. 

The pathetic truth is Sea Shepherd berates the people of Taiji for making money off the dolphins while at the same time Sea Shepherd is making money off those very same dolphins.

To the emotional wrecks who continue to support this failure of a cult group, please continue to send them your cents because it makes no sense.

Links to Sea Shepherd boasting they “intercepted” two Japanese whaling vessels:

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kim Jong-un, the Yanks are coming....


Kim Jong-un, the Yanks are coming.........